When: Monday, 15th – 19th October 2018, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Monday- Friday)
Where: The Emperors Palace Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa

In today's business environment, it is vitally important to be aware of business protocol, corporate courtesy and good business etiquette, whilst keeping the need to understand and appreciate cultural differences in mind. A lack of awareness of or appreciation for social protocols and etiquette can undermine effective working relationships, as it may be construed as rudeness, disrespect or an intolerance of people of different cultures and persuasions.

That's where this "Protocol and Etiquette" training course comes in. This interactive and dynamic course introduces candidates to the features of social protocols and etiquette in the workplace, giving them an advantage in every business encounter.

Etiquette covers most aspects of social interaction, including self-presentation, communication, courtesy and hospitality. Business etiquette, in particular, covers expectations in the interaction between co-workers, the company and their clients, as well as the company and their stakeholders. Etiquette guidelines are many and can be quite complicated. In this workshop, we will only focus on the most important protocol and etiquette guidelines for situations typically found in most business settings.

Why Should YOU Attend this Unique Seminar?

• The Best Experienced and Results-Oriented Trainers. In-depth skills training with the most experienced and dynamic trainers who will take you on an exciting journey full of facts and fun, and what is more – they will motivate you to apply the knowledge and skills they teach you.

• A world-class venue that stimulates Learning. The Emperors Palace Hotel is a world-class venue with state of the art conferencing facilities to give you an exquisite learning environment away from the office, to ensure limited interruptions and real skills transfer

• Networking opportunities with your peers and experts to allow for best practice transfer

As you can see, this is an intensive course unlike any other that will immerse you in the high-impact etiquette and protocol techniques aimed at accomplishing greater cooperation, provide maximum customer care, employee engagement and synergy.

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