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Certifications show employers that individuals have the necessary knowledge and skills. CompTIA and TestOut Pro Exams evaluate both knowledge and skills, confirming that you possess the required expertise to perform the job effectively.

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IT Certification

LabSim Online Platform

One Platform. Everything Included.

Our online learning platform, LabSim, and CertMaster integrate all the necessary resources for preparing students for CompTIA and TestOut Pro Certification. You will discover comprehensive content delivered through instructional videos, text lessons, quizzes, and exams to assess knowledge. Additionally, hands-on labs are provided, allowing students to apply what they are learning to real-life scenarios through advanced hardware and software simulations.

Powerful Hands-on Learning Simulations

Powerful Hands-on Learning Simulations

We’ve developed, what we believe are the best IT simulations available. Students can practice configuring hardware, installing drivers, managing operating systems, and configuring network devices—all within their browser.

Performance Based Certifications

Performance Based Certifications

To assess skills, you need more than multiple-choice exams. Our Pro Certification exams use the most advanced simulation technology to measure an individuals’ ability to perform real-world IT tasks. Using 100% performance-based simulations, you get a clear picture of what you can do, not just what you can memorize. Each product license comes with an exam voucher to take the associated Professional Certification.

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