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The greatest value of Our Professional Certifications is to help you market yourself and get a job. We're grateful for the privilege of assisting thousands of our Professionally Certified individuals get employed at various companies, big and small, across the IT industry.

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Build Real Confidence 

Performance Based Certification

If we want to measure only knowledge, recognizing correct answers is sufficient in most cases; however if we want to assess if someone can really do the job, then we need to go beyond recognition. That's why our TestOut Pro exams are simulation-based. And that's why you can get real confidence because we ask you to do the job, not just recognize the correct answer.

Build real confidence

TestOut Pro certifications measure your ability to perform real-world IT tasks. By using our innovative simulation technology, you can prove that you really know how to do your job. Passing our exams boosts your confidence to enter the workforce with the skills you need to get the job done.

Get a Job

Getting a job is not easy because there is always competition. Having the right certification can strengthen your resume and differentiate you from other candidates. You might even receive better pay because you have proven your skills and your willingness to go the extra mile through certification.


Most Advanced IT Skills Assessment

To assess skills, you need more than multiple choice exams. TestOut Pro exams use the most advanced simulation technology to measure the ability of individuals to perform real-world IT tasks. All of our exams are scientifically analyzed and validated. No one does a better job assessing IT skills than the TestOut Certifications.

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Most Advanced
IT Simulation Technology

LabSim simulation labs provide students with a learning tool that develops the practical, real-world skills they need on the job. They simulate a realistic work environment and give students the opportunity to setup, configure, and manage IT hardware, operating systems, and software.

IT professionals work in environments where they need to go to different locations to connect computers and network devices. We simulate these environments in our simulation labs. Students are able to visit multiple rooms, floors, and buildings to set up and maintain hardware.

Get Hired with International Certifications

The greatest value of TestOut Pro Certifications is to help someone market themselves and get a job. We're grateful for the privilege of assisting thousands of TestOut Pro Certified individuals get employed at various companies, big and small, across the IT industry such as:

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Student repairing Network in Server Room



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